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Camper Life 4 Ever…. Well Let Hope It’s Not


I had been in Alaska for a little over two weeks. We were staying in his fathers apartment because he was out-of-town. It was small but had bathrooms and a kitchen and internet. You know the basics. Anyways his dad came back from vacation and we both realized that there is no way three people could live in that space, even though his father was all about it. We looked for places, but no one wanted to do a month to month with only two months and all the places that were available were way over $1000. We are trying to save to live in New Zealand come two months, why would we spend that type of money.

Well we had another option given to us. His bosses girlfriend offered us their camper. Yes we are living out of a camper that is on the side of his mom’s house. It is super small but has a bed. However it is not winterized, and so we have no water. His mom has been nice enough to have the house open to us for showers and bathroom needs. It’s cold, very cold, but we have a little heater that works fine when we are both in bed. As soon as he leaves for ork at 6 AM though, I swear it gets 10 degrees colder in there. He feels the cold more than I do which is odd, but he says that we need to find a new space before October and it gets bellow zero.

I tried yesterday to put some of our stuff “away” or at least out-of-the-way to make it look nicer. I think that the more space I can give the appearance of the more he will be ok. Don’t get me wrong, I would love a place with heating and toilets, but as I told him, as long as we are safe and together that is all that matters. I know sappy but it is the truth. Plus I look at this as testing how things could be in New Zealand. We talked about getting a truck to travel and camp in most of the time, so this is kind of like that.

On the other hand, even though I am super happy about traveling there is still the part of me that can’t wait till we come back and possibly settle down someplace. Maybe we will be back in Alaska and he’ll be doing his construction job and I’ll get a real summer job, maybe we will be in Fl and I’ll be teaching theater again and he will get a diving job. Either way I know two things. One I want an apartment and two I don’t want to do long distance ever again.

That is another thing that has been getting me through this. As much as not working, being cold, not knowing anyone, and being away from family sucks balls, I don’t ever have to worry about any of the stupid long distance stuff. Not have to worry if they are giving up hope, or put in an awkward situation. No longer having to make sure they don’t think the same thing about you. No more pain of missing them and no more seeing them only through pics and Skype. I have the real person right in front of me. He comes home to me every night and we wake up together in the morning and it’s not just via phone or text. It’s all worth it, yeah it’s sappy and mushy and what not, but I have no regrets cause it feels right in my heart.



Climbing The Mountian part 2


Day two of our trip. We woke up around 8 and it was sooooo cold. We both checked what the weather would be like the day before, mine said sunny his said rainy. Oddly we were both wrong. After about an hour of us trying to get out of the bed of the truck, cause it was warmer, we got ready and dressed for the hike. We had our left overs for breakfast and he made me some coffee, such a good man. Anyways let’s get to the interesting part.

In the park you could drive 15 miles in with out the tour bus. Anything farther you had to buy a shuttle ticket. We figured since we wanted to leave when ever we wanted to that we would just drive in as far as we could and make the best of it. I highly recommend when driving through any mountains to listen to the Skyrim soundtrack. It is the perfect listening to natures awesomely beautiful areas. Plus it really makes you want to grab a sword and climb some shit.

I was told that it wouldn’t be as intense of a hike as the last one so I wore semi warm clothing, leggings with jean shorts, high socks a shirt and two jackets. We parked the car and as I was getting out I noticed what I thought was rain at first , but then thought, “No this looks more like ash but I can’t find it once it hits the car.” I even asked Mr. GC, who assured me it was probably rain and not ash. About 10 minute in we both realized what it was. IT WAS SNOW!!!! I actually got to see snow fall start while climbing a mountain! IN SEPTEMBER! This was amazing. It was very light though.

We started the climb of the Savage trail and my lungs got really unhappy with me really fast. I need to work on my elevation walking because I had to stop so many times and even after stopping it felt like a giant had his hands wrapped tightly around my rib cage. I even had a moment of almost panic attack and MR. GC said we could go back, but I am very stubborn so I said no way. The snow was still coming down slightly and it was very steep. At one point my ears started getting cold and he put one of his scarves babushka style on me. I looked like my great grandma. He thought this was the best thing ever.

Finally we made it to the top and it was time to follow the ridge. As soon as we turn the corner of the mountain we got hit with tremendous winds and tones of snow. The mountain was holding back most of what was going on. It stung a lot and I put on sun glasses to see, which MR. GC thought was even funnier. Yes I had quite the outfit on. We had probably hiked about 2- 2.5 miles by this point and we found some shelter in a rock when I asked him where the end came out. He stated he thought it was a loop but when I said the sign didn’t say so he suggested we head back because he thought we were going on a 4 mile and not an 8.

The hike down was so much easier and went by quick and on arrival back to the bottom we thought maybe we would walk along the stream for a little. The snow was no longer snow at this point and was just rain but he let me use a rain jacket. Boy did we get soaked. It was cold and rainy and that is a combo that he does not like. I reminded me of Florida winter, so I was fine but he was miserable. We did not hike next to the wild river long. We did have fully soaked clothing on though. I changed, he didn’t and we started back home after we stopped to take a quick nap.

The snow was coming down a lot and a lot of the higher area trees were starting to get covered. and the lower we got the more it turned into rain and fog. You couldn’t see much on the way back but it was eerie and still beautiful. We listened to mix tapes and joked around a lot. stopped and had burgers and made it home in time to put on some dry clothing and watch the Abyss.

Even though I didn’t get to see any wild life, the fact that I got to see snow for the first time on a mountain was kind of epic. Plus I enjoy getting to do new things with Mr. GC. It’s nice having some one there so I can look back on later with and reminisce.