I made a post earlier last week on “The Pretty” which was flowers. This post is on the simple things that I find pretty. I love the look of the worn down, the aged, and wear and tear of everyday life on man made things. Here are some shots that I took of some of the unexpected pretty.

995627_10100785363961455_2358020091924777125_n10347790_10100785364071235_5458214967288715060_n10356147_10100780683371395_6606415642420254427_n10599366_10100785364031315_6732702020398159482_n10599480_10100780683481175_2393425154287324739_n10628423_10100785363986405_5894445451942795057_n10622867_10100778662251735_5783332703346917880_n 10356147_10100780683371395_6606415642420254427_n 10446671_10100780682772595_926190453607593161_n 10565063_10100780682852435_6043380358605952416_n 10615954_10100780682922295_2700539928701174079_n


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