Ikea has Nothing on Star Wars models


I have always heard the joke that if a couple can put together Ikea stuff then you are a good match. We didn’t do this but we did put together a metal replica of Darth Vader’s Tie Fighter.


Let’s back track a tiny bit. When Mr. GC was traveling back from New Zealand he found these Star Wars 3D models that you could put together. He bought the Tie Fighter and a At-At walker. He did not tell me this until last night when he surprised me with these wonderful gifts. It was a rainy day and our first full day off together and we were staying in, that is when he asked if I wanted to put one together. I said yes, but was super worried that this might start a fight. You never know a true person until they get frustrated with small pieces and assembling something together.

We put on a movie and started to read the directions. All the parts were attached to metal sheets and some were quite small. Surprisingly it went rather nicely. It took us two movies and two episodes of Star Trek to finish it, but we did it and put in equal work. The reason why it took so long was one piece was particularly difficult and so we both agreed we should put it down, watch How to Train Your Dragon and get back to it after we cooled down. Besides the fact the we have a very cool little Tie Fighter now, it made me very happy to know that we were able to do this. There were no fights, no one was bossy, if one person couldn’t do it the other person could. Fucking team work! It’s the first time that I have had that, and I like it.


I’m guessing the next rainy day in we will do the next one and then probably buy the R2D2 and Millennium Flacon models as well.


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