Welcome To Fairbanks



So Fairbanks isn’t much different then northern Florida in the stand point that the trees and foliage is over grown, the building look older and a lot less commercial businesses than in southern Florida. Now on the other hand all the trees look like mini Christmas trees, which I want to decorate them all, it was 50 degrees in August and well I have no clue what the stores are here. I do think it is adorable on how almost every corner has either a diner or a coffee hut. Yes they have actual huts that serve coffee. Let me say you must think I am stupid for finding this entertaining, however let me say in south Florida we rarely have huts because they would blow away in a hurricane.

Another thing I found interesting was when we went to the movie theater the ticket booth was inside. I know it gets very cold and understand the concept and honestly think all ticket booths should be this way. Hell I don’t want to stand out in the muggy heat for tickets either.


On the topic of movies, I just saw Guardians of the Galaxy and holy hell it kicked some ass. Highly, highly recommend it.

Well that is really all I have to report on, it is only my second night here. I do have to say going grocery shopping and going to dinners and movies and bars has been really nice with Mr. GC. I am still adjusting cause I still can’t believe I am here but I enjoy every waking and non waking moment. I do enjoy waking up to him and being able to cuddle up next to him at night.


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