Top 5 Frustrations of Being Bi


So I am Bi, but over the years I have noticed 5 things that kinda piss me off. Most of it has to do with maybe the guys I date but here they are

1.Checking out other girls- I can appreciate the beauty of others, however one common thing that happens in relationships, mostly with men, is “Hey look at her, she is hot.” Sigh, yes I am glad you think she is good looking, and she might really be, but I am the person you are dating. I do not need to know about every piece of tail that you think looks good, especially cause, more likely than not, they don’t say shit about how I look. I come off as a very strong, confident person, but I am not as confident as you think. I think the one thing that I have always wanted in a relationship is to know I am enough woman for one person, and once that is established then we can talk about the long legged super model walking down the street. And the other thing is if it happens once in a while that is fine, but I dated a guy once who pointed out every single girl, and that got old real quick.

2.Threesomes- I am horrible at sharing. Always have, probably always will. I also don’t like mixing. I also have not really had anyone I trust enough to do this successfully. I have tried twice and it ended horribly. It was not for me because my partner was being selfish. Now like I said above, a guy shows me that I am his everything and enough for him, but we want to add some one as a toy, that is another story. However most guys I have meet or dated have the mind frame of a three some is an excuse to have sex with another person.

3.I am not going to cheat, with either sex- One the other side I have had guys be scared I would cheat on them with anyone. I would be hanging out with my friends who are girls and if I was spending a lot of time they would start accusing. Just cause I am Bi does not mean I am attracted to everyone. In fact it takes a lot for either sex to attract me, so cool your jets.

4.No you did not turn me- I have been asked during some relationships if they have turned me one way or another. No I am Bi, I will always be Bi, sorry. I have also had arguments with some gay friends because they said I was straight because I haven’t dated a girl in a while. No, that is dumb. I am picky and I may lean towards men more but I am still attracted to women and I enjoyed my relationships that I have had. Just because I am dating a guy does not mean that my feeling toward women “Poof” disappears.

5.I’m more than just sex- Stop using my Bi-ness in conversations like it is a special talent. Yes I might make jokes about it from time to time, but I am just like everyone else. I am not going to introduce you to a friend and say, “Hey this is Bob, he went to UCLA for Marine Biology , and he is straight” No, that sounds weird right? Just like gay people and transgender people want to be treated normally, so do Bi people. Its just a sexual preference, there are a whole lot more layers to this onion than just that.


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