This….This Made My Eye Sweat a Little


So my mom was the one who drove me to the airport. Her and I have a very good connection and relationship with each other, but it took a while to get there. We bumped head when I was in middle and high school but that was because she was playing mom not best friend. Now that I am older we have a very strong friendship. Anyways, we had lunch before the airport and she handed me this.



Then she added, “This is so you can always find home. IF you trust Mr. GC give it to him and he’ll help you get there.” That is when the water works started. I was fine at the whole not crying thing until she said that. I am even getting a little teary eyed thinking about it right now, and I don’t need my fellow passengers thinking I am a weird crying weirdo. But yeah, if you ever want to make some one cry on there travels do this!


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