Too Much and Not Enough



So it is now down to the final week, well less than a week. I tried to do a good party and the people who showed up surprised me and the people who didn’t surprised me even more. I guess it shows who is really there for you.  I think it is really a couple people who haven’t said anything, I get that people have to work and things come up but those people who didn’t go have at least reached out to me and tried working something out. Oh well.

What this is suppose to be about is time! I feel like 6 days is still forever away, but now I am realizing there is sooooo much to do. Holy shit! I still have to try packing, for a third time, and clean up my room so my mom is not stuck with it. Plus I have work to deal with, banking, and finishing getting the odds and ends put together.

I really can’t believe life is about to change. No longer do I have to fall asleep with Skype or the phone up to my ear. No longer will I be doing things with out the person I want to share thins with. No longer will I go a day with out a kiss. At the same time I have to learn to be with some one again. I have been alone for three months so I know there will be some adjusting to living with some one again. Also I will be on the other side of the United states. I am going from South West Florida to North Pole Alaska, can’t get much different than that. I will be leaving my family and friends and work, but I know I need to do it. This will be worth it, if not now when?

I think I am procrastinating writing this entry at the moment. I literally just spend a half hour looking up phone picture apps because I know I’ll be taking a lot of photos, but I know I should be cleaning. My guess is probably the next time I am back on here is when I am in the air next week. So until then have a good weekend!


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