Almost Three Months



So it has almost been three months. Holy crap it has almost been three months. Thankfully it will be ending at three months. I don’t honestly know if I could go on to four, not this fresh into a relationship. Not with not being able to see the person on weekends or at all besides through pictures and Skype. I don’t know how we would have gotten through this with out technology. I read an article about that technology is killing long distance relationships, but I think if you are both in sound mind that it is what saves it. I treasure the phone calls, every text, every Skype section. Would I like some of them to be longer then 5 minute calls? Well of course, but you have to be understanding life is still going on and the fact you get those five minutes is a blessing.


I said I don’t think I could do any more than 3 not because of sex. Where sex is a giant part of my life and Tumblr and our own personal photos and what not have helped with that, and I miss it terribly, I could go a long time with out it. However what I am referring to is the tears that have been shed. I have never hurt because I missed some one till now. It’s this hollowed out space that aches and yearns for that other person. There have been many nights while falling asleep on the phone with him that I silently cried because the missing hurt so much. It feels silly because I am an adult, not a high school teen who is missing their boyfriend. At the same time the hurt let me know it was worth it to me to wait.


I know it is not easy for him either. I am aware of a mans needs and I try fulfilling them as much as I can being so far away. I set up our special Tumblr, we have dates, we send pics, and talk on the phone. Try to keep thing spicy so to say. I am a little nervous since it’s been so long if I will be awkward at it. Let’s hope not. He also goes out of his way to show me he cares, like he has a watch that has both of our times on it. He also tries to show as much attention to me even when I know he is busy at work, calling when he is driving between sites. I think if both people give 70% and take 30% then things can work, but they both have to want and give equally.


I am ten days away from leaving my home. job and friends to go on this crazy adventure and I have no regrets. I am scared but who isn’t when it comes to change. This is a new chapter and like he said we both deserve a good thing, we deserve each other. Truth be told these three months have been the longest and shortest time of my life and I don’t think it has truly kicked in that shits about to get real.



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