Long Distance VS Not Talking




Normally two days without talking to some one is no big deal, however when you are used to talking to some one everyday throughout the whole day, it feels like forever. I learned this recently. So the new wonderful man in my life recently went across seas for some travels. I am going to call him Mr. Gold Chocobo or GC for short. Well Mr. GC went to Fiji where they don’t have much Internets around. Two days felt horrible and brought up the fact I have insecurities still.
In order to feel connected I used the WhatsApp to write to him. I figured I would post something in the AM and once in the PM to let him know what happened during the day. I know my self, I would forget what happened by the time I knew I would be talking with him so I figured this was safer. It was nice cause I could post pics. As day two was ending I realized that maybe this might be taken either with joy or him thinking I am a stage five cling on. But I figured if he doesn’t like it then I guess he is not right for me. I just was hoping he would take it the right way.
About half way through day two as well, I got a text from him. He found some one out there with texting and messaged me that he was safe and missing and loving me, and no shark bites. (I made him promise he would not get attacked by a shark.) I don’t know if it was the text or what but it was the first night in two nights that I could fall asleep. I am use to talking with him before bed and the lack of his voice apparently has messed with my sleep, and libido.
Morning day three he had access to internet and I got about 45 minutes of messaging with him. It was amazing. not much was said on my part but he was so happy about me leaving notes. He apparently had some insecurities pop up because he was scared since he wasn’t talking to me that I would give up on him. Thankfully for him I am a level-headed woman and am not into drama. We shared a couple of pics and told each other how much we miss and love one another and then his time was up. I might have teared up a bit, but I am hormonal since I am waiting to drop an egg any day. (sorry for the grossness)
The only thing that bugs me, and it is me looking too far into it, is I have told him many times that I am only his and monogamous but he hasn’t really said anything like that. It’s not like he is avoiding it, we normally get super distracted often onto other topics. I can tell if people are sleeping with other people. I know the red flags and what not, but it would be nice for the confirmation every once in a while. I plan on just asking when he gets back to Alaska but right now is just not the time. If he does sleep with some one I guess he is allowed to since we have not really put labels, but I honestly in my gut don’t think that he is or would do that since he knows how much it hurts. Maybe we should have the DTR talk in the next month, I just want to be certain that we can get through this before making it super official. I would be hurt but understanding if he did, but I trust my gut feeling.
Anyways back to the main topic, see told you I get sidetracked easily, two days no talking sucks. I could not imagine how military or even people 20 years ago got through long bouts of not talking to love ones. Thank goodness for the internet.


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