Quick Review Part 3


I dated said rebound for a while. I think when I broke up with him it was a total of three months. He was head over heals for me and he was younger. Not by much but mentally he was very selfish. It was fun and showed me what I wanted and what I didn’t. I just remember waking up one day and thinking this is not what I want either. It was a moment that I felt kind of ashamed of because of the reasons. It was no longer important to me if the person was funny and nerdy. I was starting to think about building a family and I just could not see my self in that person’s life style having kids and living the way I want to. I felt snobbish for the way I was feeling but I knew it wouldn’t work out. I crushed his heart, which in turn crushed mine because he did nothing wrong.
I wound up having a school girl crush on this guy at work and tried pursuing him for a couple of weeks but he never responded the way I wanted. I even made him a birthday present and all he did was give me a side hug. I gave up on that as well. I honestly figured by this point that maybe I’ll just stay single. Maybe there is no one out there for me, that I am just the girl who is there to let other guys know there is something better out there for them. My ex kept trying to talk to me cause he missed me, but I told him I can’t. I was fine with being alone.
Funny thing about life is that it is true when people say that when you stop looking things will happen. April I met the new chapter that I am currently on. Well I met him a couple of times before but he was too good-looking I wrote him off as gay or a d-bag. Big, big mistake. He is everything I have ever wanted on my check list plus more. I fell there is no settling with him. We fully met at a Game of Thrones night that our mutual friend had. She has had a thing for him for years but he seemed never to be interested. I knew she was in love with him so I tried keeping to myself, but as the night went on we talked for hours. Then it was time for bed. Him and I had the living room, I figured one would sleep on the sofa and the other the floor. I remember I was looking like a hot mess since I was not interested in any one coming but when I came out of the bathroom he had made sleeping areas on the floor using the cushions from the sofa.
We stayed up geeking out over everything we had fandoms for and laughed a lot. At one point he made comment to the rebound as my boy friend because when we first met I was dating someone. I let him knew that I was very single, not to hit on him but to just clarify things. Then he kissed me. We kissed for a good couple hours and realized we should calm down before we did anything rash, and then he asked me out on a date. For the following month we maybe didn’t sleep next to each other for maybe three nights but we always wanted to be near each other. There was a down side to this, he was leaving in May to New Zealand.
This brings us to the present. He is currently in Alaska with his family and will be heading over tomorrow to Fiji then New Zealand, but plans changed slightly. He will be coming back in a couple of weeks to Alaska to work and then, if things work well, we will be going to New Zealand come October.
There are maybe things that I have left out but I will get to them as I go. I am sorry that this is no longer a wedding DIY blog, but things are getting too interesting not to share. Plus I feel that maybe seeing some one else go through a horrible break up and or do long distance might help some one else. So stay tuned I guess, and don’t worry there will be crafting coming up as well.


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