Quick Review Part 2


He got very sick and was hospitalized and silly me felt bad. It had only been a couple of days since he was kicked out. His mother and I had been talking and she convinced me that I needed to show him how good of a wife I could be. That it was partly my fault because I was not fully cleaning and cooking every night for him. I took him in and let him heal and during that time period asked him if it was worth my time trying to trust him again. I mean this was the man who I thought I wanted to be with and this was not his typical behavior. He slowly moved back in the following two weeks.
First week of December though was the last straw. The not coming home habit started back up again. This time he was staying in a hotel. The drinking was getting worse too.


One night I came out to have after work drinks because it was the first time he had wanted me out with him in over a month. We went to the hotel, didn’t have sex and fell asleep. The next night he called saying he wasn’t coming home. I just really wanted to talk to him and see what was going on. My health had gone down, I was super anemic and was down about 15 pounds. I wasn’t sleeping, I was crying all the time and I was super weak. I just wanted to know so I drove to meet him there. That’s when I saw him and her get out of a cab at the hotel that him and I stayed at.
I won’t lie I said somethings that I am not proud of. I raised my voiced and called both of them whores. I was crushed. They kept saying this was not sexual but to me that made it even worse. He had emotionally replaced me too. He let her speak to me about how he no longer loves me, that he hadn’t in some time and that she was not responsible for his actions. I went home alone that night and to add insult to injury he called and wanted me to answer a question over the phone so she could hear it, did we have sex in the hotel the night before? I refused to answer it.
He came back around during Christmas time. I let him crash on the sofa but I told him never to touch me again. Christmas and New Years were awkward. We spent them together and went through the motions but it wasn’t real. At this time we were no one to each other. No titles, just the way he wanted it. I started seeing some one. It wasn’t on purpose. I didn’t think, “Yay I’m single! Let’s live it up.” I meet some one nice who treated me like I wanted to be treated by my ex. He was my rebound.
A week into January, my ex found out I was dating and through a fit. It became a very physical fight, and after the third time he shoved me into something I let him leave. I normally don’t let him leave when he is that drunk, but I had a moment realizing that this was no longer worth me fighting for. I gave up.




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